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Payson's Fire-wise and Tree Removal Experts

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Fire-Wise / Brush Removal

Safety and Beauty for your property

Before and After Fire-wise Treatment. We removal all the most flammable plant material from your property. This includes any low-lying shrubs and any dead wood.  We also trim-up the large trees to at least 5 feet. This way if a brush-fire comes near your property, your large trees and your home will not burn..


Tree removal

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

At Tree's Company AZ, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied. With this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.



Anything you need. We are happy to help.

Lot Clean-up, Brush Removal, Pine Needles, Weeds, Gutters. Regular Maintenance or one-time visit. If you have a problem with your yard - We have a Solution

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Who We Are

We are 3 guys from Payson AZ with over 40 years of tree work experience combined...  and after all these years we still love what we do - What's better than climbing trees and running chain-saws all day? 

Also we get to help our neighbors protect their homes and their families from wild-fires and/or hazardous trees.  

All three of us worked as wild-land firefighters in past so we've seen first-hand the speed and severity of an Arizona wildfire. So we all get a certain satisfaction (or "peace-of-mind") that comes when we get to "fire-wise" property, especially in our own hometown. 

It's certainly not easy work, but removing fire-hazardous plants from our local neighborhoods & making Payson more safe from wild-fire is very important to us. It's truly the reason why we do what we do. 

 Please call or email us today if you need to get some Fire-Wise or Tree Removal work done. We'll come out and give you a free estimate anytime.   Thanks a bunch.

We hope to be working for you soon.

Tree's Company AZ

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Quality Work, Great Rates

Our Services

Tree's Company AZ is ready to fulfill all your Fire-Wise, Tree Service and Landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking for a few helpful tips or you need an experienced professional to complete a large project — we’ve got the tools and experience to guarantee success. Browse through our services below, and get in touch for an estimate today.

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The main goal of FireWise is to protect your home from wildfire by removing all of the fire hazardous vegetation on your property.  We ensure that if a small brush fire reaches your lot it will stay small, running out of fuel/plants to burn before it reaches your house.

The first step: is to protect all the large trees on your property. We remove any plants/shrubs under your larger tree's branches (aka "ladder fuels") Next we trim off the branches to 5 feet off the ground (or 1/3 of total tree height for those trees under 15 feet tall) 

Without these ladder fuels- a small grass or brush fire can't climb up into your tree's canopy/crown, so the fire won't spread to other trees or your home. 

For the complete FireWise treatment we also recommend removing all scrub oak from your property. Scrub oak is the short, dry, dense bush that grows very quickly throughout Rim Country. approx. 12" per year in Payson. and It's dry leaves and thin stems are highly flammable.  I also tends to grow out of the bottom of larger trees (sucker growth) making them by far the most common and most dangerous of all the ladder fuels found around here. 

After all these years of "FireWising" properties around Payson, we know that most customers tend to have different ideas of how that want the plants on their property to look to before we are finished working on it. This is especially true of Manzanita. Everyone has their own idea of what looks good... 

In general before we ever pull out our saws - we like to walk the lot with our customers & we listen intently to exactly which trees and shrubs you want removed, which ones you want trimmed, and which you want left alone. Then we determine exactly how you want us to cut your manzanita - sometimes we pull out pictures. Sometimes we just start at the bottom and cut until you say stop...  

We always recommend removing any dead manzanita and i personally recommend only trimming off only the very bottom manzanita branches, especially if they are actually growing in the duff on the ground. But we are happy to "bonsai" them to kingdom come if if helps you sleep at night. 

So if you are thinking of protecting your property from WildFire, please feel free to call anytime 928-978-0191 or email works to I love talking FireWise and we're happy to come out to your property to provide a free estimate and answer any questions you might have about the whole process.

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Tree Removal

Hazard tree removal - Removing or even trimming large trees, especially those near your house, can get real costly, real fast. Sometimes its best to call a trained professional with all the right equipment to come over fix all your tree problems correctly and quickly. When you’re not sure if you want to do it yourself, please call us for a free estimate. Thanks.



When it comes to your yard, we do it all & we are happy to help. Regular monthly landscaping & yard clean-up service, irrigation, rock-scaping, bush trimming, weed-pulling, You name it = We'll do it. Happily. Thanks for your consideration

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